Video: Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth Bowhunting Dall Sheep in Alaska

Two icons of bowhunting head to Alaska for Dall sheep in a throwback video.

From Cameron Hanes:

“This was the presentation I shared at the Alaskan Bowhunter’s Banquet where I was the guest speaker. I spoke to the club mostly because it was Roy’s bowhunting group and I felt he would have wanted me to. It was a huge honor for me…the room was filled with Alaska hunting legends and Roy’s family. Candid moments of Roy, video credit: LimbSaver bear hunt, Tenzing ‘The Tribute’ moose hunt, memories of Roy, CarbonTV and lastly, ‘Roy’s Legacy’ by Roy Roth, my personal footage.”

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Video: Cameron Hanes Bowhunting Whitetail Deer for Roy Roth

Throwback to an episode of Ridge Reaper in which Cameron Hanes pursues whitetail deer and reflects on his mentor and friend, Roy Roth.

From Under Armour:

“”Everybody who hunts has somebody that introduced them to the sport. Roy Roth got me into bowhunting when we were 19 and 18 … he just said “Dude you gotta bow hunt, it’s awesome.” And that was it…the rest is history.” – Cameron Hanes”

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Video: Bowhunting for Moose in Alaska with Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth

Cameron Hanes hunting films are always epic. In this case, it’s moving as well.

From the filmmakers:

“Cameron Hanes and childhood friend Roy Roth hunt Moose in the rugged mountains of central Alaska. This would be the last time the two lifelong friends hunt together. This is the Directors Cut version including over 8 minutes of additional footage of the two legendary hunters.”

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Video: Cameron Hanes on His Dedication to Bowhunting in “Defiant”

Looking for some inspiration? A new web video series from Hoyt starts of with Cameron Hanes talking about his dedication and drive when it comes to bowhunting.

From Hoyt:

“Fueled by hate, and even more by inspiration, #Hoyt‘s @cameronrhanes hammered his way from first-season failure to bowhunting icon.

#IAMDEFIANT Story 1/6 #KeepHammering

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Video: Backcountry Tips from Cameron Hanes

Cameron Hanes is the authority on backcountry DIY bowhunting, and in the video above, he breaks down his tips.

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Video: Cameron Hanes Hunting Highlights from Hoyt

Cameron Hanes tags some impressive big game in his highlight reel from Hoyt Archery.

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Video: Hunting Elk in Colorado with Cameron Hanes

Colorado Elk Hunt with Cameron Hanes from UNDER ARMOUR on Vimeo.

Cameron Hanes is a living legend. Under Armour has captured some of his extraordinary hunting in a new video with elk as the target in Colorado.

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