Video: Hunting Coues Deer in Arizona

Coues deer in Arizona!

From The Mountain Project:

“At last, it’s Brittany’s turn to hunt the one tag she drew in 2017: a muzzleloader Coues deer tag in a southern Arizona unit. It’s public land, and the unit is popular. But despite Sam’s offer to come help glass after filling his tags on Sandhill Cranes, she makes the most of opening day on her best buck ever. Season 4 is back in Arizona, hunting one of our favorite species, the Coues Whitetail.”

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Video: Hunting Coues Deer in Mexico

Coues deer in Mexico are the target of a hunt in a video from The Mountain Project.

From The Mountain Project:

“Jay heads to Sonora Mexico with Borderland Adventures’ Matt and Mario to fulfill a goal of killing a 100″ Coues deer.”

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Video: Sonora Mexico Coues Deer Hunt

Sonora Coues deer are the target of a Zac Griffith hunt.

From Griffith:

“My name is Zac Griffith and this is a film from my Sonora Mexico Coues Hunt. The coues whitetail deer is a sub-species of the eastern whitetail. They inhabit Arizona, New Mexico and Mexico. I journeyed south with the best outfit in Sonora: Rio Sonora Outfitters.

The ranch I spent seven days scouring is a coues hunter’s dream. Rolling ocotillo, mesquite-ridden hills and oak-filled draws. One may find themselves glassing upwards of 11 hours a day. Time behind the 15s is time well spent.

The hunters I shared the experience with were coues masters. I learned volumes of techniques and tactics, saw giant deer, chased javelina and came home heavy. Sonora is an experience all Western hunters need to capture–even if only once in a lifetime. As for me, I’m already booked for 2015!”

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