Video: Hunting Coues Deer in Arizona (Episode 2)

An Arizona coues deer hunt continues …

From Randy Newberg:

“In episode 2 of this Arizona Coues and Quail hunting trip, Randy and Marcus start the day by doing some wild game processing of Randy’s deer from the previous night. They head to the local market to pick up some plastic wrap and butcher paper to package the backstraps and deboned quarters.

After fitting the whole deer into the freezer, then they head out in the afternoon to try and find a buck for Marcus to fill his tag on. The guys head to a familiar area that they had hunted in years past, with quite a bit of luck in finding nice bucks.

By late afternoon, Marcus locates a buck in the basin. It doesn’t take long for him to decide that he wants to go after it. He and Randy pack up and hike within range, as the deer is down out of sight. Finally, Marcus is able to relocate the buck and get within 200 yards. The buck knows something isn’t quite right, but gives Marcus a chance to fill his 2020 Arizona deer tag.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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