Video: Hunting Giant Whitetail Deer in Kansas

A giant whitetail deer in Kansas!

From Babe Winkelman:

“For Hunting and Fishing Tips check out Thanks for watching! Karlee Winkelman heads to Kansas to hunt a giant whitetail named ‘The Flyer”. The temperatures are low but the bucks are still moving. Watch as Karlee takes a absolute drop tine monster.”

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Video: Bowhunting Mule Deer in Kansas

Bowhunting mule deer in Kansas in a new video from Hoyt!

From Hoyt:

“Hoyt Pro Staff Manager, Evan Williams, has an unbelievable encounter with a monster muley on a Kansas public land DIY bow hunt with his brother. You won’t believe how this hunt unfolds! Watch Williams put his new REDWRX Carbon RX1 to the test.”

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Video: Archery Whitetail in Kansas

Hoyt’s Kill Shot series continues with Nick Mundt as he takes down a nice Kansas whitetail deer.

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Video: Bowhunting Kansas Whitetail Deer

The Bowmar teams heads to Kansas, and a unique whitetail is tagged in the end.

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“I was hunting this buck in southern Ohio. a 100% free ranging whitetail 🙂 my biggest buck of my life to date it had 15 pts and scored around 183 inches I was using DEEP SIX injections 10.1 GPI and tipped with a RAGE HYPODERMIC 100g broad head. sry for some it not being in HD my main camera was at the shop.”

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Hunting Film Short: Bowhunting for a Kansas Trophy Whitetail in The Short Season: 2five1 from YETI

The Short Season: 2five1 from YETI Coolers on Vimeo.

Chasing the one that got away is something we are all familiar with. It can even haunt us. This is the focus of a new video short from YETI.

From YETI Coolers:

“Follow a lifelong Whitetail hunter as he chases the one that got away — a 251 inch Kansas buck.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Kansas Whitetails

A great video from Realtree Outdoors, and a nice rack on this Kansas buck!

From Realtree Outdoors:

“Antler Geek Tony Hansen is in Kansas and the rut should be cranking. . .but it’s not. How does he handle the odd rut activity? Check it out and see.”

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Video: Bowhunting Big Kansas Bucks

Big Kansas whitetail!

From Whitetail Addicts:

“Watch Colby shoot his biggest buck to date during the post rut in Kansas.”

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