Video: Hunting Mountain Goat in Alaska

The hunt continues with The Mountain Project.

From the filmmakers:

“After Jay cuts his harvest ticket and uses his locking tag on a Kodiak Island Mountain goat, he and Sam return to the goat mountain to film Jeremy’s other client’s hunt, and hopefully find a blacktail for Sam. Season 4 swings back to Kodiak Island.”

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Video: Mountain Goat Hunting on Kodiak Island

Back to Kodiak Island, Alaska for a mountain goat hunt with The Mountain Project. Great video.

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Video: Hunting Kodiak Island Mountain Goat

Hitting the Alaska high country for mountain goat!

From The Mountain Project:

“Everyone is going different directions. While Chase is headed to Texas to look for aoudad, Kevin is in Arizona helping a friend with elk, and Jay and Sam fly to Kodiak Island in Alaska to hunt mountain goats and maybe blacktails. The weather conspires against them, however, with strong sustained winds and heavy fog.

Season 4 heads back to Alaska as Jay hunts mountain goats on Kodiak Island.”

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Film: Winter Goat Hunting in Western Canada in “Toeing the Line”

The Journal of Mountain Hunting has released their first film, and we sure hope there are more to come.

From the Journal of Mountain Hunting:

“Mountain hunting guides live enigmatic lives. They spend months in the field, but rarely get to hunt for themselves. In British Columbia, at the end of the guiding season, there is only one true mountain hunt available: Rocky Mountain goats. The undisputed king of the crags.

A late-season goat hunt requires the skills and gear of the alpinist and the hubris to think you can get it done. It is not for the timid or the unprepared.

In TOEING THE LINE, join hunting guide Nolan Osborne and his friends on an unforgettable adventure into the mountains of B.C., on what would be Nolan’s first personal mountain hunt. Faced with frigid temperatures, record snowfall, and perilous terrain, this crew of experienced hunters had the odds stacked against them. They wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

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Video: Hunting Mountain Goat in British Columbia

One of the most difficult big game endeavors out there!

From The Experience:

“Follow along as Dallas & Sawyer head to B.C. on a last minute goat hunt! It’s late in the season, weather is moving in and they had the experience of a lifetime.”

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Video: Hunting Trophy British Columbia Mountain Goat

A tough but rewarding hunt captured from Eastmans’.

From Eastmans’:

“Hunting a trophy mountain goat is a test of endurance. Hunter Ike Eastman battles waist deep snow to harvest a trophy billy in British Columbia. This is a YouTube exclusive Eastmans’ hunt.”

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Video: British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting

A B.C. mountain goat hunt has got to be on every hunter’s bucket list.

From the video maker:

“Travis Volk hunting Mountain Goat at North River Stone Outfitters with Jimmie Powell, Maria Origoni and Ron Nemetchek and cameraman Levi Young. Sept. 2013 in British Columbia, Canada.”

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Trailer: Hunting Mountain Goats in “Into High Country”

Into High Country from Film Hunts Ltd on Vimeo.

A film short featuring an epic bow hunt for high country mountain goats.

From the filmmaker:

““Into High Country” a short film capturing the experience of a man hunting one of the most challenging big game animals in the world, the Mountain Goat. With a “Once in a Lifetime” tag in his pocket, Jason Matzinger host of “Into High Country TV” on the “Sportsman’s Channel”, wrestles with the mental and physical challenges of this high mountain archery hunt. A simple trip into the mountains results in an explorative journey through family, tradition and legacy.”

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