Video: Hunting Mountain Goat in British Columbia (Part 1)

Heading into the high country for a mountain goat hunt! Greg McHale heads to British Columbia for a challenging hunt. This is part one.

From Greg McHale:

“Greg scours the hills for goats in northern British Columbia, some of the most beautiful and rugged terrain a hunter could hope for. This region offers incredible goat hunting. Join Greg as he works through numerous stalks and goat sightings in search of a mature billy. Greg faces massive elevation changes, inclement weather and the ever-present challenge of identifying the calibre of a goat from a distance. In part one of this episode, Greg has multiple opportunities but can’t close the deal. In part two, he continues his search before finally settling on a great goat.”

To check out more from Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon, please click here.

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