Rage Revolutionizes Crossbow Broadhead Technology with the New Rage Krossbow KORE™

Rage Crossbow KORE

From Rage Outdoors:

CARTERSVILLE, Ga. (May 5, 2015) — As crossbow popularity continues to grow, Rage continues to push the envelope in broadhead development. The introduction of the new Rage Krossbow KORE—featuring the same ground-breaking and game-taking Rage 3-Blade Broadhead with KORE Technology—sets Rage apart from other companies in its technology and its commitment to this market.

Razor-sharp blades on the new Krossbow Kore instantly open upon contact and produce cuts in six directions with a 1.6-inch star-like cutting diameter, resulting in a hole that exceeds three inches in total cutting area.

Rage engineers recognized that separating and orienting the blades away from the center of the ferrule would prevent any possibility of binding against one another. They created a unique skeletal design with a precision-ground solid-steel ferrule that utilized the patented and proven Slip-Cam™ blade deployment system. The revolutionary design of new Krossbow KORE’s unique skeletonized ferrule eliminates any potential for binding, making them legal wherever mechanical broadheads can be shot.

This new KORE design absolutely eliminated interference between the stainless-steel blades, creating accuracy and on-game devastation beyond expectations, especially when launched from today’s high-energy crossbows. The slim 3/4-inch in-flight profile of the new Krossbow KORE 3-Blade has proven itself to be field-point accurate through extensive testing, but its penetration and internal destruction has been unprecedented in both gelatin and field tests. The Krossbow KORE not only penetrates further than the original Rage 3-Blade, it tends to “core” the target because the single-bevel leading edges of the ferrule produce a spin as the broadhead penetrates the target.

Each blade of the new broadhead is .035-inches thick—.005 of an inch thicker than the original—to greatly increase durability. The Krossbow KORE also employs a stronger polymer KORE Shock Collar™, which retains the blades much more reliably than O-rings until the moment of impact.

The new 100-gr. Rage Krossbow KORE 3-Blade is now available from Rage Outdoors Authorized Dealers nationwide in a three-pack with a practice head and three replacement KORE Shock Collar blade-retention devices. The MSRP is $49.99.


Rage Outdoors is the world’s top manufacturer of expandable broadheads, and it is leading the evolution of lethal technology. Rage also manufactures quivers and accessories. A Feradyne Outdoors brand, Rage is headquartered at 110 Beasley Road, Cartersville, GA 30120. For more information please visit www.ragebroadheads.com, or call 866-387-9307.


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