Video: The Prep, The Hunt, The Kill, and “The Pack Out”

THE PACK OUT – Presented by Mystery Ranch from Montana Wild on Vimeo.

The “entire process” of an elk hunt represented in a new video from Montana Wild and Mystery Ranch.

From Montana Wild:

“All your hard work finally paid off and you have an elk down, but what’s the best way to efficiently get it back to your truck? As we became elk hunters we struggled wi th this process. There was little information covering the entire process and especially on how to place the meat and antlers into your pack. As time passed we soon developed a solid method shared by many hunters here out West. Working with Mystery Ranch we decided to create a film that was a showcase to the entire process from the hunt, to quartering, and finally the pack out. Like many things, this is only one of many ways to do this process. If you feel that you have a better method we would love to hear about it in the comments. The goal here is to educate and hope that more hunters have a good experience after their tags are filled come fall.

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