Video: GoPro-Filmed Archery Elk Hunt

Goes to show that hunters can make great GoPro-filmed videos!

From Stuck N The Rut:

“This is exactly what it looks like to film an elk bow hunt through a GoPro. Two brothers have got their elk so far, Travis and Tom. One brother left= Trevor Schneider. Travis filmed for Trevor on this hunt. They had this bull located and his bugles were really responsive, so Travis stayed back to call while Trevor put the GoPro on his head to film what Travis wasn’t able to. After Trevor shot the elk at 30 yards. The right thing to do is wait 30 minutes before tracking a blood trail, unless it is raining. Because it was raining, they had to act fast and start tracking the bull. As they were tracking the bull, they heard sticks popping, which is a sign that the bull isn’t dead yet. The best thing to do in this situation is to wait. After taking safety precautions, they went about another 80 yards and the bull was laying there dead. It took two days for Trevor and Travis to pack out all the meat and the rack of this bull elk. Enjoy this archery hunt, and make sure to subscribe to our channel.”

To check out more from Stuck N The Rut, click here.

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