Steel Will Knives Expands into the Camping Community with the Gekko 1513 & Gekko 1533

Gekko 1513_1533 Lifestyle

New York, NY- Steel Will Knives, a premium brand that produces knives with the highest standards of quality, grows the popular Gekko series with the Gekko 1513 & Gekko 1533. These fixed blade knives are some of Steel Will’s most versatile knives available for fishermen, hunters, and avid campers.

Size really does matters when it comes to different tasks that backpackers are challenged with while on the trail. The larger Gekko 1533 (10.12”), is great for various chores such as campfire duties, battening, food preparation and shelter construction, while the Gekko 1513 (9.33”) also supports the same tasks but as a smaller option. Both Gekko knives come with a highly visible orange G10 handle that not only comments the satin finish blade, but is practical for identifying and locating the tool. The 0.16” thickness of the N690Co blade can handle some of the most difficult tasks and can be easily sharpened back to a razor sharp finish. Steel Will also incorporated a protruding tang with an eyelet, for users to attach a lanyard. The Gekko 1513 & 1533 are both constructed in Italy, offering the best craftsmanship and materials available for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

The Gekko 1513 & 1533 both include a high-quality leather sheath that securely fastens the knife while in travel and allows quick and easy access when needed. The leather material is also comfortable to wear, dries quickly when exposed to the elements and is easy to maintain. Steel Will Knives realized ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain, and developed the Gekko 1513 (6.8 oz.) and Gekko 1533 (7.37 oz.) to be as lightweight as possible without effecting their structural integrity. To learn more about the Gekko 1513 & 1533, please visit or call 877-969-0909.

 Steel Will Knives Gekko 1513 & 1533 Specifications

  • Steel: N690Co
  • Full Length: 33” (1513), 10.12” (1533)
  • Blade Length: 33” (1513), 5.12” (1533)
  • Blade Thickness: 0.16”
  • Blade-HRC: 58-60
  • Blade Finish: Satin
  • Sheath: High-Quality Leather
  • Weight: 6.8 oz. (1513), 7.37 oz. (1533)
  • Handle: Vibrant Orange G10

To learn more about the Gekko 1513 & 1533, please visit


About Steel Will Knives:

Steel Will Knives mission is to create the world’s best knives by choosing the finest time-tested metals from Japan, Austria, America, and other countries to ensure every knife achieves the distinct properties for which it is created. They are produced with scrupulous attention to every detail and are constantly searching for new ideas to revolutionize their products, and stay on the cutting edge of technology. Steel Will Knives prides themselves on designing products with the highest level of performance, quality, and craftsmanship.  For more information, visit

About SMG Inc.

SMG Inc. is an American company established in 2008. They specialize in the production of pneumatic guns under the brand “Gletcher”, as well as tactical and outdoor knives under the brand “Steel Will Knives”. SMG prides themselves on making products with the highest level of performance, quality, and craftsmanship. For more information on their entire line of products, please visit

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