Gear Review: The Sitka Ascent Shirt for Warm Weather Hunting

Sitka Ascent Shirt

When I started hunting, cotton was king … and I was generally miserable in the field. Too hot, too cold, sweaty (then wet), and so on were the norm. Over time, hunting clothing companies started upping the game with departing from cotton and moving into materials and designs that in effect were game changers for big game hunting. And in more recent years, it is clear that Sitka is a force in this arena.

My hunting opportunities span a wide range of conditions. In Northern California, any given week (or even day) could bring chilly cold or blazing heat. Hoping to not overspend on too many shirts or jackets and to not have to pack too much to have to change throughout the course of a day, I found the Ascent Shirt from Sitka perfectly accommodated my needs.

The Sitka Ascent shirt is a lightweight technical shirt that is absolutely ideal for early-season hunting or hunting in warm-weather climates. And if you are an active hunter who’s frequently on the move, this piece might just be for you.

This base layer will keep you comfortable when it’s cool but also provides important features when it is hot or you are sweating. Overall, this shirt feels incredibly light and is very breathable. If you sweat, the armpits have a lightweight mesh to provide ventilation, and the material overall has wicking technology and is quick-drying. Also important in the field is keeping covered from the sun. This shirt has a flip up collar to keep your neck protected (and camouflaged).

Lastly, the Ascent Shirt is designed to fit the human body. While that might seem obvious, the shirt is designed to eliminate excess material, thereby allowing the body to fully utilize the technology put into this shirt.

For warm-weather, active high mountain, and desert hunting, the Sitka Ascent Shirt could very well be the perfect fit. The Sitka Ascent Shirt retails for $169.

To check out more about the Ascent Shirt from Sitka, please click here.

Disclosure: Sitka is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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