Video: Hunting High Country Elk in Wyoming

A new video from Stuck N The Rut features an impressive shot on an elk in Wyoming.

From Stuck N The Rut:

“After hunting Idaho, now it is time to go after elk in Wyoming. Tom drew this tag through WTA TAGS. Every new area we hunt has new obstacles. On this hunt, there is general resident deer tags and a previous cow elk season that either pushed most of the herds in the private land or the timber. Blaze orange on every ridge makes this hunt not as desirable as we hoped, but after spending a couple days, we were seeing most of the activity in the timber. There is a technique we like to call “timber pounding.” Sneaking in timber, and making quick shots as elk run off, that is how we have grown up hunting, but very difficult catching a timber pound hunt on video because everything happens so fast. Thankfully, gopro and Travis’s Handi Cam captured the entire hunt on film. This was an incredible shot captured on film. Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to subscribe!!! Wyoming elk hunting!”

To check out more from Stuck N The Rut, click here.

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