Video: Bowhunting Antelope in Wyoming

A friend of Eastmans’ heads to Wyoming for one of the toughest targets with a bow.

From Eastmans’:

“An Eastmans’ family friend, Lisa Endicott, chases Wyoming speed goats with a stick and string in hand.”

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Video: Hunting Trophy Mule Deer in Wyoming

Big muleys in Wyoming!

From Eastmans’:

“Hunter Mike Eastman takes to the sagebrush hills of Wyoming on a quest for a trophy mule deer buck. Eastman is a connoisseur of all things mule deer, and he won’t squeeze the trigger until he finds just the right buck. With Guy Eastman behind the camera, Mike harvests a buck with Boone & Crockett backs.”

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Video: Hunting Big Wyoming Bull Elk

Hunting the high country of Wyoming for big bull elk in a video from Whitebone Creations. Love that mass!

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Video: Elk Hunting the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming

Randy Newberg and his uncle Larry explore the mountains of Wyoming for trophy bull elk.

From Newberg:

“Hunting Wyoming elk with Randy Newberg in the Big Horn Mountains. Episode 1 from Season 1 of On Your Own Adventures is the first of this popular series, set in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, where Randy Newberg helps his uncle, Larry Stickler, take a great bull.”

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Video: Exploring for Wyoming High Country Mule Deer

Hard work pays off!

From the filmmaker:

“The backcountry mountains of Wyoming are truly a paradise for any hardcore mule deer hunter. After a few years of applying for Wyoming, Zach kenner and his friend Thad Griffith were finally able to draw their mule deer tags. The weather in the high country can be very unforgiving as Zach and Thad found. After three days of snow and rain the sun finally came out and the guys were able to locate and harvest a couple great bucks that any hunter would be around of!”

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Video: Bowhunting for Elk on Public Land in Wyoming

This is why we love public land! A great Wyoming archery hunt for big bull elk.

From Eastmans’:

“Bowhunter Dan Pickar takes to the public land of western Wyoming to chase trophy bulls. On this DIY hunt, Pickar has several close encounters before sealing the deal.”

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Video: DIY Hunting Mule Deer in Wyoming

Big spread on some high country mule deer in Wyoming.

From Wyoming Hunter:

“An unsuccessful archery hunt, makes for an amazing rifle hunt. Public land, over the counter, self filmed, DIY, solo hunt!”

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