Video: The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting — EARLY SEASON

Leupold has launched a new series on “The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting.” Episode 1: the EARLY SEASON.

From Leupold:

“To be successful elk hunting, you need to find an elk. To do that, you need to understand the needs of elk and where they go to satisfy those needs. In this series sponsored by Leupold Optics, Randy breaks down the 5 phases of elk hunting with easy to understand explanations.

In this video he covers the early season. The main need for elk during this period is food.

So you will find the elk where the best food is. The next priority is water. Early season historically comes with hot temperatures, so this means they are going to need water. So to find elk, you need to find food near water. Generally speaking, these are often found up high in alpine terrain. Depending on the region you are hunting, deep canyons can be a location that holds elk during this season as well.”

To check out more from Leupold Optics, click here.

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