Video: The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting — PEAK RUT

Randy Newberg’s “The 5 Phases of Elk Hunting” series continues with Episode 3: the PEAK-RUT.

From Newberg:

“To be successful elk hunting, you need to find an elk. To do that, you need to understand the needs of elk and where they go to satisfy those needs. In this series sponsored by Leupold Optics, Randy breaks down the 5 phases of elk hunting with easy to understand explanations.

In this video, Randy breaks down the peak rut phase. The bull’s main priority this time of year is breeding, breeding, breeding. But in order to breed a bull needs cows, and a cow is still going to be found where the best food is located. So really to find bulls, you need to look for cows which will be found near food and water.

This phase usually takes place during mid September through early October, depending on the region you are hunting. Unique to this phase of elk hunting is how vocal the bulls are. You can use this to your advantage by utilizing location bugles or cow calling to locate and bring a bull within range.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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