Sitka Announces New Fanatic System for Whitetail Hunters

EII Fanatic Pack Sitka 2019

Sitka has announced a new system that ought to excite whitetail deer hunters. The new Fanatic line has features that’ll be welcomed throughout whitetail country.

The Fanatic System (which includes a jacket, bib, vest, and pack) brings new materials together to be quieter and warmer and keep hunters in the field longer. From Sitka:

“Completely redesigned for 2019, the new Fanatic System takes the quest for silence to the next level. Using ultra-quiet fabrics and a cutting-edge textile package that is both quieter and warmer, the Fanatic System allows a hunter the ability to stay comfortable in the field longer and to move with more confidence by cutting the audible engagement distance in half. The Fanatic Jacket now features left- and right-handed versions. Burr-resistant fabric drastically reduces burr pickup in the Fanatic Bib without sacrificing noise reduction, and the innovative new Fanatic Pack is the quietest we’ve ever created, completing the ultimate SITKA Whitetail System. The new Fanatic System allows hunters to move with more confidence by significantly reducing fabric noise, cutting the audible engagement distance in half.”

The Fanatic Bib will cost $439, the Fanatic Vest will cost $279, and the Fanatic Pack will cost $199.

Each item in the new Fanatic lineup is loaded with features. To learn more about what’s new from Sitka, please click here.


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