KODIAK — A Hunt For Sitka Deer — EP. 4

The Alaska hunting adventure gets even more interesting as an earthquake and tsunami warning get added to the mix!

From Leupold:

“In episode four, the hunt for deer quickly turns into a scramble for survival. A 7.2 magnitude earthquake strikes off the coast of Alaska issuing a tsunami warning and sending the guys into a frenzy to reach higher ground.

Kodiak Island, sitting off the Southern coast of Alaska, is well known for being inhabited by some of the largest brown bears in North America. It is also home to the Sitka Black-tailed deer, a smaller and stockier relative of those found in Pacific Northwest. Follow along as a group of friends journey to Kodiak, Alaska in pursuit of Sitka Deer in this five-part limited series.

To check out more from Leupold Optics, click here.

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