Video: Wyoming Public Land Archery Elk Hunt

Bowhunting big bull elk on public land in Wyoming!

From LiftRunHunt:

“In 2019 i was fortunate to draw a general elk tag in Wyoming, never set foot in the state before. My hope is that i can inspire someone to go to a state they haven’t been before or scouted and know that you can get it done! This is my second year ever elk hunting, I’ve never harvested a big game animal other than a whitetail deer so my experience is very limited.

On day one of hunting I had 3 bow range encounters and the last one i whiffed on a 70 yd shot. I WAS DEVASTATED. But thats elk hunting. The biggest thing i learned is that believe what you hear and learn from The likes of born and raised outdoors, elk101, elk shape etc… You can’t get down, you cant give up. Its literally why i was successful this year. I do feel like my day 1 encounters helped a ton on experience of setting up on elk and being smart so obviously you are gna need experience in the field which is also why you can’t give up. Everyday is another opportunity to learn and every step you take in the woods is another step towards your success. BE EDUCATED. BELIEVE. CONQUER.”

To check out more from LiftRunHunt, please click here.

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