Show: Back 40 Episode 8: Learning the Ropes

A new episode of Back 40 is now live. In this episode, Mark Kenyon and Ryan “Cal” Callaghan show the property to a new hunter.

From MeatEater:

“After five months of dedication to the Back 40 for Mark Kenyon, every corner of the property is connected to a lesson. Luckily, there’s still one more chance to capitalize on everything learned this year. Joining Mark for the final hunt of the season is MeatEater’s conservation director Ryan “Cal” Callaghan, and his good friend Anna Borgman, a first-time hunter who grew up in a small town in Oregon. Anna is a part of a program called the Good Meat Project where she teaches butchering classes and promotes an honest approach to eating farm-raised meat. In the final episode of season one, Cal and Mark show Anna the ropes.”

To check out more from MeatEater, click here.

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