Marlin Celebrates 150 Years of the American Hunter

'70550_Marlin 150 Anniversary_Right Profile_Marlin

From Marlin:

Ilion, NY – In 1870, John M. Marlin set out to build firearms that matched America’s fierce independent spirit. Although rifles, pistols and shotguns of nearly every type would bear the Marlin brand, his singular accomplishment would be a lever action of exceptional strength, smoothness and accuracy – hallmarks of the legendary lever guns that outperform all others to this day.

Marlin proudly marks its 150th anniversary with the modern descendants of that same lever action – now built with the tightest manufacturing tolerances in our history and custom-grade performance enhancements rarely seen in a lever-gun platform. Long live the adventurous spirit of the woods and the right to pursue wild game. Long live American innovation and pride in craft.

'70550_444 Marlin 150 Anniversary_Left Profile_Marlin150 YEAR ANNIVERSARY RIFLE – 444 MARLIN

• 24” half octagon, half round barrel
• Engraved receiver with gold inlay
• C- grade American black walnut stock and fore end
• Hand-fitted stock and fore end
• Historical checkering pattern
• Skinner ladder sights
• Special serial number
• Commemorative box
• Chambered in 444 Marlin

'70646_Model 60 SS 150 Anniversary_Rifle_Right Profile_Marlin150 YEAR ANNIVERSARY MODEL 60 – 22 LR

• 19” stainless steel barrel
• American black walnut stock
• Adjustable sights
• 150 Year Anniversary medallion in stock
• Special serial number
• 14 round tubular magazine
• Chambered in 22 LR

Marlin 150


• Time proven on game performance cartridges
• Most popular chamberings of all time
• Collectible Marlin 150th headstamp and packaging
• First time Marlin branded ammunition has existed
• Can be paired with firearms orders
• One-year production only limited edition

Marlin 150 ammo

About Marlin Firearms Company

Established in 1870, the Marlin Firearms Company manufactures the world’s most iconic lever-action rifles, as well as a broad array of class-leading bolt action rifles and rimfire rifles. Marlin is truly the great American rifle company.

More information about the Company can be found at

One thought

  1. I would like to see what the price would be for this. I have three marlin lever actions rifles now and this would be amazing to add another .444.


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