Video: Bighorn Sheep in Canada in “Under the Influence”

A sheep addiction leads to an epic bighorn sheep hunt in Alberta.

From The Experience:

“If you hunt sheep there had to be someone or something that influenced you. I was hooked after a close friend drug me out for 5 miserable days on an Alberta Bighorn sheep hunt.  A couple years later, I harvested my Bighorn and soon after that, I booked a Dall’s sheep hunt in the Yukon.  I’ll never forget the day I told Jason Hairston I was booked to hunt white sheep, his response ‘Right on! Next up will be your Stone sheep!’ I candidly laughed until I realized he wasn’t joking. He assured me that someday it would happen, if I wanted it bad enough. I owe a lot to my influencers, without them, I would never have been ‘under the influence’.”

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