Film: 12000 FEET UP – Mid Asian Ibex Hunt in Kyrgyzstan

Mountain hunting is inherently adventurous, but heading to Kyrgyzstan to hunt ibex at 12,000 feet takes the pursuit to a whole new level. In a film from Black Fly Eyes, hunters head to the high country to take on mid-Asian ibex.

From Black Fly Eyes:

“We heard a lot of stories about mid-Asian Ibex hunt in Kyrgyzstan but couldn’t understand why people so much appreciate these animals, traveling to another side of the continent, risking their lives for some kind of mountain goat trophies. So we decided to travel there and find all the answers ourselves.

Eventually, we found all the answers: It is not the trophies that people come here for- they come for the adventure, to challenge themselves against nature, the trophy is just a reminder that they successfully passed another one of mother natures test.”

To check out more from Black Fly Eyes, please click here.

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