Show: Hunting Elk on Public Land in New Mexico

Taking on a New Mexico public land elk hunt in an episode of Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg.

From Randy Newberg:

“Randy Newberg is joined by his Uncle Mike Stickler on a New Mexico public land elk hunt. Randy remembers how much his uncles did for him growing up, so Randy decides to try and repay the favor by helping Mike get a bull elk.

After meeting up in New Mexico, they get a spike camp set up and set out to glass for the evening and do some scouting. The first evening they are able to glass up bulls, not far from the truck with the Leupold optics.

Hopefully they will be able to get within shooting distance of one first thing opening morning. This hunt falls in during the post-rut season which is usually the most difficult time to hunt mature bull elk. They have a couple days of scouting before the season opens and take advantage of getting to know the area, and hope that the hunting pressure won’t mess up their plans once the hunt starts.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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