Weatherby Announces New MeatEater Rifle

MeatEater rifle

MeatEater and Weatherby fans ought to be excited about the release of a new rifle.

The Vanguard® MeatEater Edition rifle from Weatherby is a beautiful rifle that will be sold exclusively through Sportsman’s Warehouse. This rifle has a gorgeous stock and an attractive spiral barrel. It is also branded with the MeatEater logo.

rifle Weatherby MeatEater

From Weatherby:

“The Vanguard MeatEater Edition is the culmination of in-field experience, trends, and Meat Eater’s personal touches rolled into a collaboration between two top brands in the outdoor industry. Full Tungsten Cerakote® finish on barrelled action to prevent corrosion while accenting the spiral fluted #2 contour barrel. Lightweight and effective, the Vanguard MeatEater Edition features a unique color pattern that highlights the current trends of gray and brown accents on a black stock base. The black Cerakote® fluted bolt matches the MeatEater logo located on the floorplate. The 1/2x28tpi threaded barrel with included seamless thread protector gives options for future Accubrake ST or suppressor installation.”

The rifle will come in a 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum, 7mm Remington Magnum, 308 Winchester, 300 Winchester Magnum, and 300 Weatherby Magnum.

To learn more about the Vanguard® MeatEater Edition rifle, please click here.

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