Show: Hunting Mule Deer in Wyoming

Hunting mule deer in Wyoming in an episode of Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg!

From Randy Newberg:

“Mountain mule deer are making their migration journey across the varied landscape of Wyoming to their winter range, which has always intrigued Randy. This year he was lucky enough to draw a tag along this migration route. Making new friends along the way, Randy searched high and low in subzero temperatures for a worthy buck, and in the process he gains a deep appreciation for the magnificent mule deer and their annual migration.

In this Fresh Tracks season 8 episode, Randy covers as much public ground as he can along the prairie and foothills of Wyoming. He moves from glassing knobs to glassing knob trying to work efficiently and utilizing the oil and gas roads that grid the whole region.

It doesn’t take too long to start locating some quality bucks. But Randy is determined that as the migration starts to pick up more and more, there will be more mature bucks coming through the area. Finally after getting a tip from a few locals, he is able to find a deer that he wants to put a stalk on.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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