Show: Bugling Bull Elk on Public Land in Nevada

Peak rut action in Nevada in an episode of Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg!

From Randy Newberg:

“In this episode of Fresh Tracks, we are hunting public land bulls in the peak of the rut in Nevada. Scott Jones has an archery tag and will be bowhunting bugling bulls in the mountains. Joining him are several friends along for the hunt to help call and glass and potentially share the load of a packout.

Scott has been a great friend of Randy’s for many years, being unable to join him on this hunt Randy sent field producer Michael Parente to document the trip. They don’t have any problem locating bulls, and many being large mature animals.

Using a combination of glassing the open hillsides and trying to call a bull in within shooting distance, they get plenty of encounters. With any luck Scott hopes to fill his tag by arrowing a public land bull elk.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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