Show: Guiding and Hunting in the Yukon in Jim Shockey’s Uncharted: Yukon

Guiding and hunting for big game in the Yukon!

From Danger TV:

Uncharted: Yukon hosted by Jim Shockey follows those brave enough to be guide’s in the vast Alaskan Wilderness known as the Yukon! Watch as Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a lifetime.

Season 1 – Episode 10:

In the Season 1 finale of Uncharted Yukon, Steve fails to find Sara and Shad a moose, so Wojo hands his clients over to a new guide. Wojo trains Taylor at basecamp as the season draws to a close and Jim surveys his team and looks forward to next season!

To see more from Jim Shockey’s Uncharted Yukon, please click here.

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