Hunting Gear Review: The Guide Gloves from KUIU

You almost can’t overstate the importance of having your hunting gloves be perfect for what you need in the field. Gloves not only need to fit well, but they need to keep your hands warm, they need to be durable, they need good grip, and more. Like finding that perfect pair of boots, when you find a great pair of gloves, they almost become priceless. For me, the he Guide Gloves from KUIU are that good.

Simply put, the KUIU Guide Gloves are now my favorite gloves and the best gloves I’ve owned for hunting. In fact, I plan to have a second pair for non-hunting activities. Let me break down why I love these gloves so much.


These gloves are anatomically fit and feel (not literally) like a second skin. When I am hunting, I am constantly using my hands to grab my optics, hold (and sometimes) position my rifle, get in and out of my bag, climb terrain, and more. That said, my gloves need to be a good snug and comfortable fit.


For their Guide Glove, KUIU uses “Pittards® Oiltac leather on the palm, fingers, forchettes, and fingertips to ensure durability, dexterity and protection.” For me, this leather bends well when bending fingers and also grips well. If it hasn’t already, I’m guessing this will make the difference in the field for me in one of those moments when it’s all coming together and everything is on the line.


KUIU describes these gloves as ideal for mild and dry conditions. The gloves have a water resistant (but not waterproof) material, but I’m a hunter who often has gloves coming on and off throughout the day in order to try to control my body temperature. It might be frigid out and a mile into steep terrain, the gloves come off. That said, for me at least, these are great gloves for the mornings in August through freezing temperatures on hard hiking hunts in November. A hard snowstorm or heavy near-freezing rainstorm might make me reach for a different pair, but more often than not, the Guide Gloves are my number one glove now.

The KUIU Guide Gloves presently come in five colors and five sizes and cost $69. Their fit matches sizes I wear from other companies.

To learn more about the Guide Gloves from KUIU, please click here.

— TH

Disclosure: KUIU is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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