Trailer: Bowhunting Mountain Goat in Utah in “Adversity”

Getting way deep in the backcountry to bowhunt mountain goat in “Adversity” — a new film coming to the Full Draw Film Tour.

From the Full Draw Film Tour:

“Hamskea co-founders Shawn Greathouse and Tim Gillingham ride into the beautifully rugged backcountry of Utah to hunt Rocky Mountain Goats. Tim drew a once-in-a-lifetime archery tag and asked Shawn to document his hunt. Midway through the hunt, as they top the mountain chasing a Goat late in the day, they realize they can’t safely make it back down the cliffs in the dark. They are basically stranded on the top of mountain with only their back packs and hunting clothes during freezing temperatures and heavy winds. They are living through the adversity that makes for some of the best stories.”

To check out more from Hamskea Archery Solutions, please click here.

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