Film: Once in a Lifetime – A Utah Archery Mountain Goat Hunt

A new video from Black Ovis takes on a dream archery mountain goat hunt in Utah.

From Black Ovis:

“As much as we hunters all dream of a tag like this, in reality once in a lifetime tags are a funny thing. For starters, trying to draw one feels like reaching for the impossible dream. No matter how many years you continue to put in for said tag, the moment of truth, the anticipation of seeing ‘successful’ on your application always seems to go to the next guy, continually passing you by. After enough years of applying, you grow numb to the word ‘unsuccessful’ and come to accept the fact that you’ll be old and gray before your moment of truth will come.

But when that day arrives, as it did for me early in May of 2020, the magnitude of the opportunity sets in.”

To check out more from Black Ovis, please click here.

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