Video: Pack Dump – 10 Day Archery Mule Deer Hunt with Jeff Sposito

Hunters are often thinking about gear needs — and for good reason — gear (and how we pack it) can have a big impact on a hunt. This is especially the case for long duration hunts. In a video from Stone Glacier, Jeff Sposito breaks down his pack for a 10-day mule deer hunt.

From Stone Glacier:

“Watch our latest pack dump video to see Stone Glacier CEO, Jeff Sposito’s (@sagejames256), gear list for a high country archery Mule Deer Hunt. Andrew and Jeff’s hunt is planned for August 10th-20th so conditions are expected to be hot during the day and cooling off at night. The guys will be carrying camp on their backs each day allowing them to stay mobile, moving from basin to basin, and camping in a new spot each evening. Jeff’s pack as shown weighs 37 lbs. without the bow strapped on or water included. Food packed includes a variety of freeze dried meals for each evening, plus three freeze dried breakfasts (to be eaten every third day or so), and an assortment of non-perishable snacks and bars for mid-day meals.”

To check out more from Stone Glacier, please click here.

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