Video: Hunting Elk in Colorado (Episode 1)

It’s off to Colorado for an elk hunt in a video from Randy Newberg …

From Randy Newberg:

“On this hunt, Randy Newberg is headed to the high elevation of Colorado for a first rifle season for elk. He is joined by a handful of llamas who are going to carry a lot of his gear in and hopefully carry 250 pounds of fresh elk meat out. After stopping in Idaho Falls at Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas, he arrives at the trailhead where he plans to hike from to a lake to camp by.

He hikes in and finds sets up camp, getting the llamas all staked out. There is still one more day before the season opens so he spends the next day scouting, and covering country. It doesn’t take long to get a response from a bugling bull, who eagerly comes into view.

Randy marks his location for tomorrow and then continues to cover ground, crossing spots off his list and making not of any that hold elk. He runs into a bit of competition, but still has a solid plan for the morning. If things work in his favor, he’ll have a bull down and tag filled by breakfast.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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