New Kahles SKMR4 Reticle Now Available in the K624i Scope


Cranston, Rhode Island – SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian based company, announces the NEW KAHLES SKMR4 Reticle now in the K624i riflescope. This fourth variation of this SKMR reticle has been offered in the K525i and DLR riflescope. We are now offering it in the K624i riflescope, which now qualifies for the production class of the Precision Rifle Series.

The K624i features a wide field of view, an exceptional eyebox and a high contrast image. Along with precise, clearly defined click mechanism and repeatable accuracy making this scope the professional choice for long distances.

Since the orginal introduction of the SKMR there has been continuing modifications leading us to our fourth iteration. The latest improvements on the SKMR4 give you a greater reticle hold precision with an addition of 0.2 MIL holds. While also having the number of Marker Bars increased by 3 MILS, from 12 to 15 MILS, for longer-range capability. While no adjustment was needed to the windage bar spacing, the bars themselves were changed from hollow to solid for better visibility.

Due to the great success from the SKMR3 reticle, many attributes remain the same, while fine tuning others. We now further enhance the K624i riflescope by offering it with the latest SKMR4 reticle.

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