Video: 2021 Hunting Season Highlights

A great highlight video from an epic hunting season!

From Pedro Ampuero:

“2021 has been a hell of a year.

We experienced way more adventures than the ones we were able to share in this channel, something that I plan to change for the new year coming, that’s why ill start a vlog sharing all the trips we go on to.

Lot of days in the field with lot of friends and family, enjoying what we like the most. We hunted with the bow, rifle, shotgun or speargun, somethings even without a weapon. We hunted the mountains close to home but also travelled to some amazing and unique places around the world.

Thanks everyone that made this year such a special one, we are really excited what 2022 will have for us!”

To check out more from Pedro Ampuero, please click here.

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