Video: Why We Hunt

A new film short follows Remi Warren as he answers the question of why we hunt.

From Remi Warren:

“As hunters there are many traditions ingrained in us that are as old as hunting itself. One of those traditions is story telling, but a story that often gets glanced over is the story of why we hunt. I think that for those that don’t hunt, the meaning behind it is often lost. Hunting is a part of my life. It is how I sustain myself and feed my family, but it is also how I interact with the natural world, in a very primal way. For me, why I hunt is very deep, but at the center of it is knowing where my food came from and taking responsibility for the process.

Food stories and hunting stories are one in the same. I made this video in partnership with my friends at Breeo to help share my story.


To check out more from Remi Warren, please click here.

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