Video: Hunting Elk in Arizona in “What Had Changed”

The Mountain Project has dropped a new video with hunters taking on bull elk in Arizona.

From The Mountain Project:

“Hunting is really a series of decisions. And those decisions determine the outcome of the hunt. Deciding when to shoot and when not to shoot is perhaps the most difficult of them all. And is something Cody Voermans doesn’t take lightly, especially when the only shot is a long range shot. It’s an ethical dilemma we all face at one time or another, but having the right tools and the right practice, makes the decision a little bit easier.”

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Video: Bowhunting Monster Bull Elk in Arizona

This is why Arizona is a go-to for big game hunters!

From High Point Outfitters:

“Come along with first time archery hunter Ben Nielsen and HPO on an Arizona elk hunt. Watch over the shoulder video of bull after bull getting called into archery range. Feel the relief of a first time archery elk hunter finally putting his tag on a well-deserved archery bull elk. Give us a call to enjoy a hunt just like Ben’s!”

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Video: Bowhunting Elk in Arizona

The hunt pays off in Arizona with a great first bull!

From The Mountain Project:

“Brittany Passmore drew a coveted early season Arizona Archery Elk tag. 12 Days of hard hunting paid off with her first archery bull.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Pope & Young Mule Deer in Arizona

Arizona is a go-to destination for several big game species, and mule deer is certainly one of them. And when you see such big muleys as in this video from High Point Outfitters, it only strengthens the desire to hunt Arizona.

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Video: Arizona State Record Bighorn Sheep with a Bow

A big accomplishment with a bow as hunters take down the Arizona state record bighorn ram.

From Eastmans’:

“Bowhunter Randy Spray finally drew the bighorn sheep license of a lifetime after forty-three years of applying. Patience pays of for this hunter when he harvests the new state record ram in Arizona.”

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Video: Hunting for Big Bull Elk in Arizona

Lifetime elk are hunted in Arizona in another impressive video from High Point Outfitters.

From High Point Outfitters:

“Andrew had the hunt of his life time. He puts the smack down on his best and only bull elk he has ever harvested. It’s fun hunting with great people! Thanks to Andrew and his dad Tim for letting us be a part of this hunt. Call us on your next hunt or call to get information on how you can get your next Arizona tag.”

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Hunter Profile: Hunting and Guiding Arizona with JP Vicente

Big Chino Guide Service 4

Hunters all over the world dream of hunting Arizona. From elk to mule deer to antelope, Arizona is a great place to chase trophies, and JP Vicente of Big Chino Guide Service lives, hunts, and guides this magical land. JP recently sat down to interview with Rack Camp.

1. Why do you love to guide where you do?

My family grew up in northern Arizona, as we have been in this country since early 1900’s the hunting opportunities are incredible as many folks have no idea how good the hunting really is especially over last 5 years as the drought is over and the populations of wild life have increased with great trophy potential for all species hunted.

2. What is your favorite animal to hunt?

We love to hunt elk like any one but truly the Mule Deer hunting is incredible here in northern AZ. The most over looked hunt opportunity is the Over the Counter mule deer hunts especially being able to hunt them in the Full Rut!

3. What is your favorite thing about guiding?

The opportunity to help others achieve their dreams of hunting trophy animals. As well as the comradery that is developed with life time friendships.

Big Chino Guide Service 2

4. What is the most memorable trip you’ve guided and why?

So many but truly when we help 1st time hunters especially kids you just can’t beat those hunting opportunities. The emotions expressions and the true innocence can’t put a price on it. The 2nd Is helping disable veterans. For the same reasons but in most cases it’s therapy for them, we are just humbled to be part.

Big Chino Guide Service 1

5. What makes your guide service great?

Our commitment to hunt industry and conversation. We enjoy spending time with wildlife and the amount of commitment we put forth to ensuring our clients are provided the best service from the camp to the hunt opportunity.

6. Do you have any dream hunts yourself?

I would love to take a disable Veteran is child on a early bull elk rifle hunt and harvest a 400 inch bull with them.

7. What are some of your favorite gear items?

Kuiu apparel Badlands Packs Sitka outerwear Swarosvski Optics Outdoorsman Tripods.

Big Chino Guide Service 3

8. Do you have any other passions?

Sheep hunting and Fly fishing for big Browns!

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