Video: Bowhunting Backcounty Mule Deer in Idaho

The backcountry of Idaho os home to some of the best big game hunting in the world. In a video from Eastmans’, a hunter goes deep for a trophy muley.

From Eastmans’:

“Archer Dan Pickar takes to Idaho’s desert high-country in search of a trophy mule deer. Pickar pulls out all the stops to get it done on a wide buck with his stick and string.”

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Video: Hunting Mule Deer in the Idaho High Country

The crew from Hushin head to the high country of Idaho to chase monster mule deer. Great video, great deer!

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Video: Bowhunting for Elk in the Idaho Backcountry in “100 Mile Bull”

Throwback to a phenomenal film short from Top Priority Hunting that takes on bull elk in the backcountry of Idaho.

From the filmmakers:

“A 100 miles of ups and downs, highs and lows. Each September we hunt the elk of Idaho. In this film we travel over a 100 miles before harvesting an elk. Our film 100 Mile Bull was chosen as an extra to play at the Boise Egyptian Theater, during the Full Draw Film Tour. Thanks to all of our sponsors and the Full Draw Film Tour…”

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Film: Bowhunting Bull Elk in Idaho

These can be the most rewarding hunts — the ones that involve months or years of paying your dues for that one animal of a lifetime.

From the filmmakers:

“This film reveals the details of a 3 year quest to find a once in a lifetime Bull Elk coined “The Caribull”. Follow this crazy story and the ups and downs that took place during the General Idaho Bow Season in 2013, 2014, and 2015.”

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Video: Hunting High Mountain Mule Deer in Idaho

Trekking the snowy mountains of Idaho for mule deer is the focus of “High Country Ghost” — a very nice film short from Top Priority Hunting.

From the filmmakers:

“Garrett and Justin make a quick trip up to the Idaho mountains for general season mule deer. After a late evening pack in, the guys make it to the top of the summit by day break. On this particular hunt the pack in takes way longer than the harvest. As soon as the fog lifts two bucks are right under Garrett and Justin.”

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Video: 700 Yard Elk Kill Shot

Now that’s a long range kill shot!

From High Country Films:

“Mike Hunts for several days before he was able to make things happen on a long range shot.”

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Video: Do-It-Yourself Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Idaho

DIY hunting for bighorn sheep in Idaho … epic indeed!

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