Video: Elk Hunting in Idaho (Ep. 1)

A coveted tag is drawn for Idaho elk. In a video from Randy Newberg, Michael Parente looks for a mature big bull in a late season hunt.

From Randy Newberg:

“Michael Parente drew a coveted elk tag in Idaho. He and Marcus Hockett head to his unit in mid-December to try and locate a mature bull. The unit Michael drew for is a desert type region. Upon arriving, they set up their wall tent camp before cooking up some dinner.

The plan for the next couple days is just to cruise roads and looking for elk. This unit has a large road system, so the most efficient strategy is to continue moving to spots and hike to knobs to glass.

There hasn’t been much weather in the area, to move the elk down from the higher elevations down to the sagebrush country. Along with looking for elk, they glass for tracks in the snow. Finally, they do cut a solo bull track and decide to follow it as long as they can. Even though Michael drew such a good limited-entry tag, finding elk still ends up posing a difficult challenge in the first couple days of the trip.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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