Teaser: Elk Hunting Conservation in #PROJECTELK from Sitka Gear

#PROJECTELK Teaser from SITKA Gear on Vimeo.

Sitka Gear is unveiling a new elk conservation project called #PROJECTELK.

From Sitka:

“#PROJECTELK is the story of the origins, science, and evolution behind conservation, and the question around whether hunters as the earth’s true conservationists, with interviews with hunters, biologists, wildlife experts and diverse perspectives on this pivotal topic.

Follow along on this epic journey alongside one of North America’s most majestic creatures, the Rocky Mountain Elk. #PROJECTELK is edited from more than 200 hours of footage taken over six hunting seasons. Throughout the changing of the seasons you will witness everything from the cruelty of winter’s grip to the majesty of the Fall’s rut, and what roles hunters as conservationists play in this holistic ecosystem.”

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Teaser: DIY Bowhunting for Mule Deer in THE CRAGS

THE CRAGS | Official Teaser from Montana Wild on Vimeo.

An exciting new teaser from Montana Wild that follows a mule deer hunt with bow.

From Montana Wild:

“As hunters we always have an attraction to adventure, and not just the kill. Travis found his adventure this past fall chasing mule deer in the rolling sage covered hills. With only a handful of days, Travis searches the barren landscape with hopes of arrowing his first archery buck. This public land, DIY hunt shows the opportunity and importance of our public lands. Coming to the 2015 Hunting Film Tour.”

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Teaser: Bowhunting for Whitetail Deer in Florida

Florida Whitetail Teaser | Southern Draw | 2015 from Team Southern Draw on Vimeo.

New bowhunting video with whitetail deer as the focus in Florida.

From Southern Draw:

“Check out this teaser as Sam from Southern Draw documents the reality of Florida Whitetail Deer Hunting with archery equipment.”

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Teaser: Bowhunting for Backcountry Mule Deer in “11 Miles + 1”

11 Miles + 1 Teaser – Team Backcountry from Team Backcountry on Vimeo.

Outstanding backcountry muley hunting in this new video.

From Team Backcountry:

“Hunting the same backcountry basins year after year can prove to pay off. We learn habits of wise, old bucks, and common bedding, feeding, and watering areas. However, sometimes that next basin, that unexplored territory, that one extra mile is what it takes to pack out a mature mule deer buck.

Check out the teaser for our new film “11 Miles + 1″. Film will be released in the Spring of 2015!”

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Video: Big Bucks and Bulls in Team Backcountry 2014 Season Teaser

Team Backcountry 2014 Season Teaser from Team Backcountry on Vimeo.

A good year for Team Backcountry!

From Team Backcountry:

“Follow TEAM BACKCOUNTRY on our 2014 hunting season. 4 Team Members will be packing a camera across the west chasing big bucks and bulls. 13 total tags in 3 western states including a coveted Nevada archery bull elk hunt during the rut in a prime hunting unit! This will be a season to remember!

Follow Dustin Wittwer, Jason Wittwer, Corey Beckendorf, and Brandon Crawford on their 2014 hunting season with Team Backcountry.”

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