Video: Big Bucks and Bulls in Team Backcountry 2014 Season Teaser

Team Backcountry 2014 Season Teaser from Team Backcountry on Vimeo.

A good year for Team Backcountry!

From Team Backcountry:

“Follow TEAM BACKCOUNTRY on our 2014 hunting season. 4 Team Members will be packing a camera across the west chasing big bucks and bulls. 13 total tags in 3 western states including a coveted Nevada archery bull elk hunt during the rut in a prime hunting unit! This will be a season to remember!

Follow Dustin Wittwer, Jason Wittwer, Corey Beckendorf, and Brandon Crawford on their 2014 hunting season with Team Backcountry.”

To check out more from Team Backcountry, click here.

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