Teaser: Bowhunting for Backcountry Mule Deer in “11 Miles + 1”

11 Miles + 1 Teaser – Team Backcountry from Team Backcountry on Vimeo.

Outstanding backcountry muley hunting in this new video.

From Team Backcountry:

“Hunting the same backcountry basins year after year can prove to pay off. We learn habits of wise, old bucks, and common bedding, feeding, and watering areas. However, sometimes that next basin, that unexplored territory, that one extra mile is what it takes to pack out a mature mule deer buck.

Check out the teaser for our new film “11 Miles + 1″. Film will be released in the Spring of 2015!”

To check out more from Team Backcountry, click here.

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