Video: Hunting Nevada High Country Mule Deer

Some more public land rifle hunting action from Randy Newberg!

From Newberg:

“Randy Newberg, Matthew Newberg, Mike Spitzer, and Scott Jones continue this public land Nevada mule deer hunt. With Matthew now in camp, all three tag holders are ready to get serious about this hunt. Three days remain, with the rut picking up and the weather stabilizing. Now, it is hopefully a matter of getting enough optics on the mountain to find the kind of bucks this unit is known for. Matthew took a fine buck earlier in this day, leaving Randy and Mike to start focusing on filling their tags. While driving to a trailhead, Randy finds a group of deer with an old nasty buck tearing up the sage. Exactly what he was looking for. Mike and Randy decide to head up the mountain and try to get a chance at the buck. When the buck runs north, Mike sprints ahead to cut off the buck and his does, chasing them back south where Randy is waiting with his rifle and Marcus with his camera. A chaotic encounter results in Randy taking one of the more memorable bucks of his hunting days.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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