Video: Bowhunting Bull Elk in Idaho

Big Idaho bulls!

From Stuck N The Rut:

“Bowhunting elk. This is a continuation from Episode 34. After Travis shoots the bear, we skin it out and continue our elk hunt. As we get to the top, we hear the bull on the other side of the mountain bugling, but because he had a herd of cows, he refused to come in. After a couple hours of bugling, we decided to move into his territory without bugling (the silent treatment). As we moved closer, we heard him bugle again. After getting within 150 yards from the bull, Travis stayed put and Tom moved in with his bow closer. Tom found a good spot to set up with his bow, and so Travis challenged the herd bull to fight. You’ll need to watch the video to see what happens. This is what elk hunting is all about. This is two brothers DIY on public hunting ground. Make sure to subscribe to us and if you want to watch these hunts in better quality, go to and these are free hunting episodes”

To check out more from Stuck N The Rut, click here.

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