Profile: Pursuing a Passion for Bowhunting with Michael Hunsucker

Michael Hunsucker hunt

Michael Hunsucker is an accomplished hunter whose passion for hunting has taken him all over the country. Co-Host of Heartland Bowhunter, Hunsucker keeps himself busy in the field, so we were grateful that he took the time to sit down for an interview in the middle of the season:

How did hunting become a passion for you?

My passion for hunting was instilled in me at a young age. After my first trip to our family deer camp with my dad, I was hooked. Simply sitting on his lap, watching the wood come alive was an eye opening experience and having our first deer within range without a clue in the world we were there was pretty powerful.

Michael Hunsucker bowhunting

What is your favorite animal to hunt? 

No doubt, whitetail deer are my favorite animal to hunt. It’s what I grew up hunting and how I learned to hunt. I have had the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places and hunt a variety of different animals and don’t get me wrong, I love new experiences and new places, but if I had to choose one animal to hunt the rest of my life, it would be the whitetail deer.

What is your favorite thing about hunting? 

I don’t have one favorite thing about hunting honestly. For me, it’s the whole process from start to finish. Yeah, you can just go climb in a tree without any preparation and be successful, but then you’re really relying on luck. What I really enjoy is everything that goes into being successful. The hard work, scouting, planning, etc. That is what makes the reward so sweet in the end. It’s a way of life. Something that consumes me and is on my mind every waking moment.


What is the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?

My most memorable trip ever taken would undoubtedly be my trip to Kodiak Island, Alaska to hunt Brown Bear in the spring of 2017. I spent 12 days patiently awaiting my opportunity at a mature boar and it all came together in easily the most intense moment of my hunting career. Staring me in the face at a mere 12 yards, I squeezed off my release and watched the arrow land fatally and the bear crash only seconds later.

Favorite place to hunt? 

My favorite place to hunt would be NW Kansas during the rut. It’s a special place where age structure is unrivaled and the terrain is optimal for decoying and or calling in a rutting whitetail. If you time it right, you can experience some of the best rutting activity available!

Do you have any dream hunts you have your sights on?

My next big hunt that I look forward to doing is a moose hunt either in the Yukon or BC. Something that I have always wanted to do, just haven’t pulled the trigger on yet. It looks like an absolute rush calling in those giant bulls!

Michael Hunsucker hunter

What are some of your favorite gear items?

I am a gear head when it comes to archery equipment. I am all for doing everything that you can to help put the odds in your favor. Fortunately, technology has evolved so much over the years that there is some incredible equipment available today that didn’t exist 10-15 years ago. Every piece of equipment is my favorite and it seem like I rely equally on all of it to perform in the moment of truth.

Do you prefer rifle or bow?

Easy question for me … all I do is bow hunt! With the greater challenge comes greater reward. With a bow, you are forced to make every move carefully and cannot get away with making mistakes. Being in the animals environment and getting close, undetected is a rush that you just don’t experiences otherwise.

Michael Hunsucker

Do you have any other passions?

I am an avid outdoorsman; I enjoy anything outdoors. Fishing, golfing, water skiing, camping … you name it! I am married and have two awesome little boys so sharing the world with my wife and kids is something that I am very grateful to be able to do!

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