Film: Public Land Hunting for Mule Deer

A tough hunt ends up successful in a film from Muley Freak.

From Muley Freak:

“Competition can be fierce when it comes to public land deer hunting. And this hunt exhibits exactly that.

From the personal screw ups on mature bucks to one animal being sniped out from underneath our noses – filming and hunting definitely have its challenges.

They say professional sports are games seconds and inches – this also rings true for hunting.

One thing we take pride in is showing you exactly how it happens. Raw footage. Real stories.

We are human beings. We aren’t perfect. We miss. We screw up. We don’t always hit the bullseye or the 12 ring; however, we constantly strive to become better hunters, outdoorsmen, and conservationists.

We do our best to take animals as quickly, ethically, and humanly as possible, but the reality is it doesn’t always work out that way.

These animals we pursue have an unprecedented will to live and with that they don’t give up the ghost easily. ”

To check out more from Muley Freak, click here.

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