Show: Back 40 Episode 1: Steven Rinella and Mark Kenyon Check Out MeatEater’s New Hunting Property

MeatEater has launched a new web series! Back 40 follows Steven Rinella and crew as they attempt to create perfect deer hunting spot on a piece of property in Michigan.

From MeatEater:

“We bought a farm. Sixty-four acres of possibilities in the heart of Michigan with the potential to become the perfect wildlife haven and deer hunting spot. In the first episode of the show, Steven Rinella and Mark Kenyon lay out a plan to turn this run-of-the-mill chunk of dirt into prime habitat for everything from whitetails, to squirrels, to pollinators. Along the way they find out exactly what kind of property they now own, and how much work it’s going to take to transform it into something more. Follow along all season to see if Kenyon and crew can tackle this tall task. #fueledbynature

Here’s the kicker: You can WIN a chance to head to The Back 40 and hunt whitetails with Steve and Mark next fall. To enter, visit or click here:”

To check out more from MeatEater, click here.

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