Show: Back 40 Episode 4: Hunting the Land

Episode 4 of Back 40 from MeatEater is now on YouTube. In this episode, Mark Kenyon gets to start hunting the property!

From MeatEater:

“With all of the preseason commotion on the property now behind him, Mark Kenyon can finally start deer hunting. After kicking off the season with little action, Mark welcomes his first guest to hunt the farm. Luke Macaulay is a professor and cooperative extension specialist at UC Berkeley, an unlikely spot to find a guy who is thinking about hunting and habitat fragmentation. Macaulay’s recent research has taken steps toward proving what Mark has always believed: This small property and others like it can make a real difference. It seems impossible to boil down all of Macaulay’s work and perspective, so Mark has invited him to the Back 40 to find out just how much of an impact hunting on private lands has on conservation. #fueledbynature

Here’s a look at the upcoming Back 40 episodes through the end of the year:

Ep. 5 on 11/25: Doug Duren joins Mark to check on the property’s progress and hunt the late October pre-rut.

Ep. 6 on 12/9: It’s the peak rut and Ben O’Brien is back to see if any of the early season work will pay dividends.

Ep. 7 on 12/16: Mark is joined by his dad for a very special hunt.

Ep. 8 on 12/30: In the season finale, Ryan Callaghan brings a new hunter to the property to learn about our Back 40 land ethic.

To check out more from MeatEater, click here.

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