Show: Bowhunting Elk in Wyoming

In an episode of Fresh Tracks, a hunter gets his first bull elk with a bow!

From Randy Newberg:

“Michael goes on an archery elk hunt, bow hunting for bull elk in Wyoming. Bow hunting and elk hunting is an experience that requires patience. From choosing the right bow/archery gear & equipment, setting up camp and bugling for elk this is going to be one public land adventure.

In this Fresh Tracks Season 8 episode, Michael Parente was lucky enough to draw a limited opportunity elk permit in Wyoming. After doing as much pre-planning as he can, it’s time to finally step foot in the unit and see if he can turn up any elk.

Along with him is friend and co-worker, Marcus Hockett, who is capturing the hunt. Michael was initiated into hunting in the Midwest hunting Whitetail deer from a tree stand. Having moved to Montana he has been able to hunt elk, though unsuccessfully, but this is his first out of state or special draw elk hunt.

He decides to hunt the archery season, knowing he can return during rifle if his tag goes unfilled. Michael arrives at his until and starts dissecting the landscape trying to narrow down to where the elk are located. Early in the hunt he is able to locate some herds of elk. Now he just needs to get within archery range and get a clean shot to harvest his first ever elk.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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