Show: Bowhunting Bull Elk in Montana

Bowhunting the rut in Montana with Randy Newberg in an episode of Fresh Tracks!

From Randy Newberg:

In this episode of Fresh Tracks season 8, Randy Newberg is bowhunting for bugling bulls in the steep mountains of Montana. Joining him are Karrson and Andrew from Gerber Gear as well as a group of llamas from Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas.

They are backpacking 7 miles in with all of their camping gear hoping to find the elk and stay on them. The terrain is steep rocky and covered in thick timber. But with good elk numbers in the area, Randy hopes to be able to put the guys on a couple bulls.

The hunting is tough as they encounter some pressure from other hunters. Remaining flexible they keep going to fall back plans and finally are able to get on a couple good stalks. Being able to glass up a mature bull they hope to sneak in close and call him into within archery range.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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