Show: Hunting Pronghorn in Arizona

It’s off to Arizona to hunt pronghorn in an episode Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg!

From Randy Newberg:

In this episode of Fresh Tracks Season 8, Randy is fulfilling a 20 year promise by joining his college buddy, Wade Zarlingo, on an Arizona Pronghorn hunt. Joining them are another mutual friend, Jerry Pritchard. While they were in college, Randy promised Wade he would come down to Arizona whenever Wade drew the tag. Two decades later and the debt became due.

Hunting the public lands of Arizona, requires doing a lot of glassing and walking and glassing and walking. Once they locate a mature buck, then Wade plans to put on a stalk. They spend a few days looking over as many antelope as possible to try and get an idea of what type of animals are in the area.

Finally they locate a mature buck in an approachable position. Wade takes Randy’s truck to try and get in position. With the incredible eyesight of antelope, doing so is easier said than done.

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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